Do you work outside Puglia?

Yes, I do. I work wherever the couples want me to follow them. All over Italy and worldwide to bring Italian style, food and wine to the places you love!

Do you work on commissions?

No, I don't. I charge a professional fee to ensure the best service for the best price with each single vendor / supplier you need on the wedding day. I will give you direct contact to all suggested vendors before hiring them as guarantee of transparency. You will sign contracts and pay deposits and balances directly with the vendors/suppliers

Do you offer partial consultation or wedding day coordination only?

No, I don't. 

Will you provide a contract?

Yes, I will. The contract defines my tasks and duties and the payment schedule.

After we sign, when will the actual planning start?

Once you’ve signed, the organization of your wedding starts immediately downloading the free app through which all the checklists, attachments, and communication between us will be always at hand on your mobiles. 
Detailed "to do" list with deadlines and links to the suppliers/vendors that are considered a priority for you to select will be available immediately. 
If you book one year in advance I will let you choose the main vendors/suppliers but then there will be a pause period during the wedding season May to September when only urgent issues will be managed. The actual planning will start in October, at the end of the previous wedding season.

When will our wedding website be online?

If you choose the add-on of the dedicated website, this will be online 7 months before your wedding day

How many visits shall we schedule before the wedding?

No more than two. One for the venue scouting, and one to meet the hired vendors/suppliers and do the tasting with the catering company. This happens preferably February to mid May of the year you are getting married.
This is what I call the SPRING VISIT, you will absolutely love it!

Where should I buy my wedding dress?

I am encouraging brides to buy their wedding dresses in Italy for three reasons.

1. Most of the brides loose weight dramatically in the month before the wedding. Some of them gain weight. Adjustments required by a professional may be a problem, as the best seamstresses work for shops and ateliers that either won’t do it on a dress they’ve not sold or would charge a lot of money.
2. Transport is tricky with some air companies, please check before buying your flight tickets. After travelling, most of the time they need ironing and again, professional service here may be not available or quite expensive.
3. You can find here the most popular brands plus you may take the chance to have Italian design and brands for a better price - No import taxes!
Remember that when you buy a wedding dress, you need only three appointments:
One to choose - you can do it when you come venue scouting.
One for the first fitting of your dress and check for necessary adjustments - you do it when you come back to meet vendors and do the tasting, duringthe SPRING VISIT.
Final fit as soon as you arrive, usually a few days before the wedding. And your dress won’t travel!


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